Geologists know how to make the bedrock!

Donald Trump, eggs, chicken and walking uphill... All of these things I could happily live without in my life! I might add, in no particular order either! I hate them all equally as much as the other! Please refer to Gif below for visual on how I feel. Ask anyone! This is why my body... Continue Reading →

$10 bottles of vodka led me to seeing stars.

Most of my star gazing ventures have been in an attempt to woo a young gentleman. When I say gentleman I mean, some fella who I could get mildly drunk enough off a $10 bottle of Kristov vodka, or bored him to a point that his only relief was to kiss me. I tell ya,... Continue Reading →

Cover me in your magma

OK, so one of the most obvious features of Dunedin is the harbour itself. I mean its pretty hard to not notice it. It's home to Dunedin's early industry and migrant history, Dunedin wouldn't exist without the harbour and today the tourism from people exploring the harbour and surrounding areas is a major income earner... Continue Reading →

Dude! Where’s my beach?

The call of the ocean has always been strong with me. I was born in it, grew up around it and feel lost when I cant see it. I respect the might and power of the ocean and am thankful for its offerings. I felt at ease when I moved to Dunedin a few years ago,... Continue Reading →

Dried bones and bird poo please!

I’m going to be honest, I’m not a native of Dunedin! I originally stem from the far north of New Zealand, pretty much as far north as you can get, where the water temperature is warmer than the average air temperature down here. When I was younger I thought using fertiliser was just chucking sheep... Continue Reading →

The tail of a few Sheep Thrill’s

Sheep and New Zealand go together like Marmite and cheese, bangers and mash, $10 bottles of wine and a fresher Byo. Striking up a yarn with a visitor to New Zealand, about New Zealand, the conversation at some point, will head towards how famous our little collection of islands are for sheep. ‘New Zealand is famous for sheep, isn’t... Continue Reading →

Fart Lights

Besides smelling like an animal has crawled up inside you and died, farting isn’t really something most of us think about in depth.

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